Generate cinematic interior design renderings with AI

Upload indoor photos or design sketches, and with only a natural language description, you can generate high-quality interior design renderings in various styles based on the reference images

  • 🤳 Photo your current room interior and let AI redesign it in seconds
  • 🔭 Choose a theme from our style library, from Scandinavian to Ancient Asian
  • 🚀 Or create your own style by a few words and replicate to further project
  • 🌗 Convert simple sketches into cinematic-quality renders for your Business Commnucation and Idea Pitch
  • 🆓 Try before you pay with large free trial pack and pay-as-you-go options
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Transform your interior design to countless styles, or even create and share your own custom style, visualizing your ideas for everyone
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We do not use the data you upload or generate for AI training, nor do we share your data with third parties or publicly display it as a case study.
Enjoy a random free trial without needing a subscription or contract. Pay as you go, with no ties to subscriptions or automatic billing.
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Re-Design Room by Photo
upload a photo, share your desired style, and let AI automatically generate a stylistically rendered vision of your room
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Image one
Create your own style and inspiration
Craft your unique style using natural language, and let AI bring your concept to life through generated art

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